About us



The Victor Collection was established in June 2021 in honor of my late father. His name Victor means winner or conqueror. I started The Victor Collection after noticing the lack of candle fragrances catered to men and women who prefer masculine scents. Our goal is to offer products where every fragrance was created with the champion man in mind.

My dad Victor was born on November 16th. He was the 6th child of 11 and he was one 1 of 6 sons. The Roman Numeral VI in our logo is dedicated to these facts as well as representing the number 6 which is also known as the number of man because man was created on the 6th day.

I have always honored the love and admiration my dad had with his own father, grandfather, uncles, brothers, cousins, nephews, and friends. As a result, I grew up around a lot of men. They were always together grilling, watching sports, playing sports, or just visiting to say hey. This established my own relationships with them which ultimately led me to creating a brand honoring them. 

The power of scent is that it can be used to remind people of the beauty of specific moments. Fragrance often reminds people of home, warmth, and a happy place.  My happy place was around the men in my family as I watched their strength navigating thru life. 

The mission of the Victor Collection is to elevate life experiences thru high quality scents. We ultimately want to remind men of their strength thru smell. Our products are for the champions who dominate in all aspects of life.