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Welcome to The Victor Collection

Luxury Candles created for men.

The champion of masculine scents.

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Full Collection Travel Candle Set
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Love the scents. I'm so glad you're doing this! I'm tired of sweet and fruity scents.

Tony G.

I'm in love with ManCave. It's so smooth and manly.


I love them all. I go back and forth with The Thinker and Vibe being #1 and #2

Patrick R.

The package smells so good. Dominant is the bomb. I like them all,

Vibe: Soft, woody, sweet

The Thinker: Clean, floral, masculine, very fragrant

Business: Patchouli, Smooth

Dominant: Clean, citrus, Tobacco

ManCave: Fresh

Linnea G.

These candles smell good AF!

Gerald M.

My husband's top two are The Thinker and Vibe


OMG! They smell amazing! I needed these for Valentine's Day for my husband.

Toni W.

These candles smell AMAZING!

Sheryl R.

One thing for certain two things for sure these candles smell good. LOL

Liz W.